Our Mission

Sleeping Indian® will contribute to the stability and well-being of its team members, and will contribute to the growth of the communities in which it operates. Sleeping Indian will grow by adding value to our customers and will strive for excellence as a fine wool apparel company.

Our manufacturing facility, is a 100 year old former schoolhouse in Troy, Montana. Sleeping Indian® clothing designs are the benchmark for all other wool hunting and casual clothing. We enjoy enviable customer loyalty due to our clothing’s legendary performance in the field and our continued commitment to remain functional and durable in our designs.

Please feel free to visit and contact us on the web at www.sleepingindianusa.com.

We are very proud of the fine wool apparel we make and the principles we stand by. They are dedication to quality, precision functionality with a passion to make world-class outer wear in the United States
of America for the most serious outdoor enthusiasts.

The Sleeping Indian® brand has an incredible fan base in place. We also believe that the best is yet to come and would like you to spread the word…we sleep no more!


Chief Executive Officer & Executive Vice President